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Bringing you everything Project Diva (lol jk) Currently a Vocaloid Fanart Blog until more games are released.


tfw ur favourite vocaloid isnt even a proper vocaloid  n nobody gives a shit about them anymore… pls support boukaloids in their time of need… anYWAY my neru headcanons are pRIME. loves memes. nobodys sure whether she likes them ironically or not. basks in mild tumblr fame and loves it. likes to rap . has 10,000 followers on twitter because of a relatable post she made about bread. owns over 15 meme tshirts.


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80’s hip hop vocaloids. I used Dr. Dre as a reference for Len and I regret nothing.


I’ve been seeing so many cute Valentine’s day cards so I just had to make some Vocaloid ones! It was fun to think up cheesy but appropriate phrases for them. (≧▽≦)

Here’s the link to download the printable PDF:


I found out that Puppycat is voiced by the vocaloid Oliver. How cool is that? Also thought it would be cute to see Puppycat as a girl gijinka hehe. 

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